What could induce me suddenly to hate Oklahoma?

I received my absentee ballot in the mail today, only to discover that

A) Oklahoma has only two candidates (parties) on the ballot.
B) There is no place to write in a vote.

So I did some research. 

It turns out, Oklahoma's ballot access laws are ridiculous. (see http://www.okvoterchoice.org/obar_10reasons.pdf for a summary)

A) Oklahoma requires ten times the number of signatures that other states require to get a third party on the ballot.
B) Oklahoma is one of only five states that does not allow write-ins.



What to do now?

This ballot forces me only three options:

1) Vote Obama
2) Vote McCain
3) Don't vote


I cannot willfully opt for any of these three choices, but as an Oklahoman I am cornered.
And it is too late for me to register to vote in Texas, where I am currently living as a student.



I hate this.

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1. Vinoj wrote:
Like, seriously? You think that an Independent would actually make it on the ballot in Oklahoma and have a chance?

Come on even in California where there's much more support for Green Party candidates it's pointless because it never gets anywhere.

So the point of all this? Vote Obama.

Wed, October 8, 2008 @ 11:06 PM

2. Hannah wrote:
It's that very attitude that upsets me the most, Vinoj. Whether or not you are kidding.

I KNOW that voting third party means voting for someone that is not going to gain the presidency (I'm not a moron). I know that they don't "have a chance." But who determines that this renders my opinion irrelevant? If this is truly a democratic republic, then my vote is valid no matter how fruitful it is.

If the only votes that "count" are the votes that "get somewhere," then an Obama win would render all the McCain votes pointless, and vice versa. Why in the world, then, should we even bother with elections? Save my primetime shows from being postponed for political debates and just skip that annoying gestation period. Sweep the media darling straight into the oval office.

Thu, October 9, 2008 @ 3:37 AM

3. a1rh3ad wrote:
tOklahoma is one of the worst of the god fearing states. You can land 5 years in jail just by using the lords name in vein! plus you can get locked up for oral sex and cheating on your spouse! Not to mention other laws stupid laws! OMGWTFBBQ!!! Someone plz nuke Oklahoma because they don't deserve life(Not really but it seems that way)!!!!! How come the terrorists arent taking out the real enemy (Christians) and just seem to hate capitalism. I wish these religious states would just proclaim themselves not part of the USA because they seem to have forgotten what freedom is. Someone needs to do something about these places. They even have a sign on the gate in one state prison that sais your going to get raped withing the first day. WTF these sick bastards need to go down! Now they took away the poor peoples jobs by making it a law where you must have a GED to work. How the hell are these people supposed to get a GED if they cant even get a warm meal!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thu, January 21, 2010 @ 10:49 AM

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