Things he will love me for

I would like to preface this list with the fact that I composed it almost a year ago, and that every single thing on the list is still completely true. If you could not deduce the meaning of the title, this list is dedicated to my still unknown future husband.

I love him already, but who is he?
I want a giraffe, but I don’t know why.
I am intelligent, but only to an extent. I constantly am tortured by my abundant lack of knowledge.
I talk a lot.
I have a taste in music that lacks any pattern whatsoever.
I fall in love easily, but I’ve always held back.
I love long hair.
I am a deceptively fast runner. I just never do it.
I love kisses.
I say awkward things, and I’m no longer embarrassed by it.
I am a passionate Hanson fan.
I contribute Spanish to every conversation, even if with only English speakers.
I encounter scary, bizarre things when left alone with my own mind.
I wouldn’t mind getting married soon.
I am surprisingly laid back.
I like thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock, and Johnny Depp,and Mel Gibson movies, but I prefer action and war movies to anything else.
I overanalyze.
I excel at grammatical correctness.
I am notoriously indecisive.
I daydream, Disney princess-style.
I honestly think I’m beautiful. But I like to hear it anyway.
I simultaneously loathe and love studying, but not necessarily equally.
I am energized by learning Chemistry.
I frequently change the desktop wallpaper on my laptop for no apparent reason.
I am taken aback by a man worshiping God. It is THE most attractive thing.
I dislike jewelry.
I stay up past three in the morning simply because I can.
I can’t stand it when people smack.
I still debate over whether I am an overall optimist, pessimist, realist, or idealist.
I love learning. But I easily tire of the subject of the learning.
I obsessively compulsively check my email every fifteen minutes. Sometimes.
I will always be in love with William Wallace.
I succumb too easily to my maternal instincts. I can’t wait to have a baby of my own.
I elaborately plan to be organized, but exhaust myself in the process and leave no energy for the organization.
I don’t understand myself whatsoever. I can only merely observe.
I constantly feel isolated.
I can’t smell skunks.
I am captivated by God creator, and I can’t comprehend it.
I melodramatically complain about things that don’t really bother me.
I am super ticklish on my neck, and will kick anyone that exploits this fact who is not he.
I would have no problem spending my life as an astronaut, photographer, senator, professor, humanitarian, doctor, social worker, painter, researcher, essayist, translator, movie critic, archaeologist, egyptologist.
I am only competitive if there is no real competition.
I frequently assume false guilt, because it’s easier than being let down by the person who’s actually guilty.
I like to make people think I take Monopoly way too seriously, even though I don’t. Strategy.
I am annoyed by girls.
I perceive ideas and concepts in colors.
I like to play the violin, but I don't like others to listen.
I forget things way too rapidly.
I overuse the adverb.
I am haunted by the constant need to know everybody's middle name.
I secretly don’t want to be an adult.
I am a text-message addict.
I adjust everything to assure visible or theoretical symmetry.
I cannot believe that this compilation of statements actually thoroughly describes me.
I will undoubtedly revise this list.

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