My very own apartment ghost: evidence of the metaphysical troublemaker sharing my residence

I moved into this complex middle of May 2008
I will be moving out middle of May 2009

So far, these are the things that have gone wrong (not in chronological order, of course):

  • A/C broke (froze over) the hottest week of the summer, and it took maintenance 2 days to do anything about it
  • A/C broke and flooded the kitchen the week we moved in because maintenance did not replace the filters when we requested it... they insisted that because the complex is "practically brand new" (OR IN REALITY, built several decades ago) that they wouldn't need to be replaced.  after it flooded, they replaced all the filters in the complex, and never since. 
  • Refridgerator/freezer broke while my roommate and I were both out of town for Christmas vacation... we return to find room-temperature food and condiments.  gross.  Maintenance guy said it just ran out of freon, so he added more.  Had he figured out WHY it ran out of freon, he would have discovered a freon leak and would have prevented...
  • Refridgerator/freezer broke again (today).  the other maintenance guy did a bunch of poking and prodding and determined that it was out of freon, and when we informed him that the same thing happened a month ago, he deduced we must have a leak.  He left and never fixed it.  We have to throw all the food away, now... and we JUST spent over $150 on groceries.
  • Our microwave lost power randomly
  • The washer somehow fell off of the wooden board that was suspending it, and fell over... apparently it was off-balance, and it took maintenance a week to come and fix it.  This naturally coincided with the same week Jess and I both ran out of clean clothes (last week)
  • my toilet (the downstairs toilet) has been perpetually broken since we moved in.  maintenance keeps replacing various parts with toilet components that clearly are not made for the toilet, do not fit the toilet, and therefore do not fix the problem.  It has flooded the bathroom twice, causing the already-peeling up lineoleum floor to begin rusting. lovely.
  • I took the lid off of my toilet today to figure out if I could get it to stop constantly running (because it broke again today), and then suddenly some hose came detached and started spraying the ENTIRE bathroom and a little of the bedroom outside the door with toilet water.  disgusting.

None of the maintenance requests I've ever submitted online have ever been acknowledged, even though I receive a confirmation email.  I have to physically drag the maintenance people over to our apartment, and sometimes involve an angry phone call from one or both of our fathers.


Praise the LORD I am getting out of here in 4 months.

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1. bolognasauce wrote:
daaaaaaaang girl. that sounds like so much fun!!!

Sun, June 21, 2009 @ 1:42 AM

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