LOST ponderings and theories?

TODAY'S EPISODE WAS AMAZING!  Plus, I think the five-week psyching-out period leading up to it helped my opinion of it.  ANY LOST is better than NO LOST at all.


Ok, so my friend Evan thinks Rousseau didn't really die, because her death was a self-sacrifice for her daughter.  Some kind of Harry Potterism, apparently.  His reasoning is that Charlie died as a self-sacrifice for Claire and the others, and he suddenly shows up alive to Hurley (although, even when he showed up to Hurley, he SAID he was dead, even though he was there). 

MY theory is that dying on the island means you are alive to the world, and so as long as you are alive on the island,  you are dead to the world.  That's why the losties are not supposed to get off the island.


And what was up with the freighter's doctor?  HE showed up dead on the island, but apparently he's still on the freighter and fine?  Or was the guy talking to Faraday via morse code bluffing?  If he wasn't, then maybe my theory has a grain of truth to it.



AND BEN CONTROLS THE SMOKE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!  That's at least one more answer than we had for the past four seasons.

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