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Well, I doubt this is anything worthy of over-the-top jubilee, but here commences my first official blog post.  Okay, maybe I have had "blog" entries on my facebook and myspace pages, but those are... facebook notes or myspace blogs.  This is my very own website, with my very own domain!

Topic?  Well, I could throw out some recent discoveries on  I'm always up for discussing LOST theories.  But I think I will briefly discuss the movie I am currently watching.

I should first preface the reflection.  I never really jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon.  I have to admit I've never even read a single word of the series.  I saw the fourth movie in the theaters with a bunch of my friends when it first came out, but I was at the mercy of the majority.  I did throw a fit because I had never seen a single HP movie or read a single HP book, but they decided to compensate my inconveniences by paying for my ticket.  With it's being a free movie, I figured it couldn't hurt to go along.  I saw it, and enjoyed it pretty much.  I knew I would have loved the movie much more had I been educated on the histories of the characters or any other Harry Potterism, but the movie itself was fairly episodic, and I could follow the plot without my knowing the overarching plot of the entire series.  But enough background.

My little sister Lorelei rented Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone weekend, so when I came home from school for spring break, the movie proved an excellent opportunity to begin my vacation.  I actually loved it.  I am a sucker for children's fantasies... I have read the entire Chronicles of Narnia several times through, and I have even begun to read them in Spanish (which proves to be a much more difficult feat than I originally suspected).  This movie was precious.  It somewhat reminded me of the movie El Laberinto del Fauno (also called Pan's Labyrinth, but I watch it without the English subtitles). I am not sure I have much to say about it, and by no means am I daring enough to attempt any criticism.  Needless to say, it sparked my interest, and I will be watching all the other movies that are out on DVD during the rest of my break, and hopefully I will be able to begin reading the series sometime soon. 

Undoubtedly I will be getting some criticism from some avid HP fans about watching the movies before reading the books.  I don't care that much.  I dictate my own entertainment.

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1. Lorelei wrote:
Harry Potter rocks my face off..

..and back on again!


Wed, March 19, 2008 @ 9:28 PM

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