"I... don't remember!" The tale of my crazy dream.

So I woke up this morning.
And the night had been so long.
It seems that I had had my mind on you.

Hahaha okay so maybe I stole those words from Hanson.  But that's an appropriate way to open up the wonderful/crazy dream I had last night.  The part where my memory starts is at a Hanson concert.  In real life, I have never been to a Hanson concert, so every one I've found myself at has only been in my dreams.  So anyway... the concert happens, then suddenly I am sitting at a big picnic table chatting with Isaac Hanson.  He walks away, then comes Zac.  After him, Taylor.  I thoroughly enjoy myself, they have a blast talking to me.  I realize I am the only one I know from the concert, so I scramble for my keys.  I realize I don't have my keys, and therefore I don't have my car.  I start freaking out, then my sister Gretchen drives up with Lorelei in the back seat--she's driving a Geo Metro for some reason in this dream, though in real life she drives a verrrrry nice Ford Focus.  She asks me if I need a ride, and I say, "Logically.  Where am I?"  When she replies that I am in Oklahoma City, I freak out yet again, trying to figure out how I got here.  I know I had purchased train tickets.  I knew I had gotten in my car in Waco to drive to the Amtrak station at Fort Worth, but I don't remember getting on the train or riding in the train for 4 hours or being picked up at the Amtrak station in Oklahoma City.  I don't remember getting to the Hanson concert.  This fact bothers me severely, but I just accept it and ride home.  On the way home, the on-ramp to I-40 and the highway itself (all you Okies will get this part) start breaking up into little pieces, and all these pieces grow new highways.  Gretchen and Lorelei disappear, and I am stuck in the driver's seat of a Geo Metro underneath reproducing overpasses that are falling apart.  I, still trying to figure out how I got to Oklahoma City without remembering the train, manage to run this little Geo Metro off into a bubbling lake that appears out of nowhere on the north side of Reno (I decided to drive UNDER 1-40 for some reason... and I am still downtown).  But for some reason, I don't go into the bubbling lake with the Geo Metro.  I am standing on a cushiony chair in the middle of a tea party happening on a meridian in the middle of Reno.  I witness the Geo Metro fly into the murky, bubbly water, and stare in amazement at the explosion that the impact creates.  "Don't touch that" says a voice behind me in a Australian accent, and I turn around to see a very tall woman point toward an antique table next to me, topped not with a hard surface but a cushion that looked like the sky.  I get confused, so I hop onto the sidewalk, making sure not to touch the cushion.  And I have to follow a maze of sidewalks back to my house in Oklahoma City.

Then I woke up in Waco, having slept through two morning appointments.  Lovely.

But at least Hanson kept true to their promise.
I'll be with you in your dreams.

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1. Andrea wrote:
only you...

Thu, April 3, 2008 @ 9:59 AM

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