A little dose of español, and living thin and healthy.

I haven't taken a Spanish course in over a year, and for some reason I had the notion last semester that it would be wise to jump straight into SPA 4330, the capstone grammar/conversation/comp course.  I have no doubt that I will do well in there, but I just feel so out of place being only a sophomore (NOT a graduating senior like the rest), for being a non-major/non-minor in Spanish (NOT like the rest), and for being so rusty on my Spanish.  True, dusting off an old language is much like riding a bike for the first time since childhood.... a little wobbly at first, but smoother the more time passes.  Hopefully the jitters will all blow over.  The surprisingly time-consuming and demanding part is maintaining a daily blog in Spanish (http://hannahdecker.blogspot.com/), a required component of the course and a good chunk of my final grade.

Meanwhile, I have--for the first time in my life--made New Years resolutions.  And the surprising thing is that I have obsessively been faithful to them (well... except for one which I am breaking right now, but more on that in a moment).  Some of them may seem silly, but life-changes happen in small steps, no?  Here is my list:

  • Actually eat breakfast
  • Lose weight (goal: 70 more pounds by October 1, which means 2 pounds a week) by monitoring my calorie intake and beginning an exercise regimen.  I found this free website www.fitday.com which is helping me immensely.
  • Exercise!  I hope to walk the Bear Trail at least three times a week, if not five.  I also decided that I will be frequenting the Subway on the other side of campus, but take either the south half or the north half of the Bear Trail to get there... killing two birds with one stone! 2 miles of walking plus a smart meal.  In addition, I plan to get over my fear of the SLC and exercising in the presence of guys my age.
  • Drink less soda, if any at all.  Drink LOTS of water.
  • Brush my teeth more (I don't think I spend enough time in each brushing)
  • Take control of my health (which, obviously involves losing weight), including my mental health (I need to keep my ever-increasing and ever-impairing OCD in check)
  • Have positive self-talk.  Have real goals in mind with the weight-loss, and view them not as "ifs" but "whens"
  • Establish a legitimate circadian rhythm by:
  • Going to bed no later than 12:30am (which is the most difficult thing for a recovering night owl whose favorite time of the day is 3:33am).  This is the one I am clearly breaking right now, but I feel too inspired right now to avoid this blog post.
  • Waking up every day at 7am, even though I don't have class until 10 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Utilize the free mornings to exercise.
  • Have fun, have a life.  This means not turning down as many invites as I usually do, which in turn demands that I get my homework done ASAP in the day.
  • Avoid procrastination by reducing my TV watching to a minimum (I can't get rid of ALL television, now, can I? I'm too much of an aficionado), and DVR some that I can put off until the weekend.
  • Wake up to my alarm the first time it goes off rather than incessantly hitting the snooze button.
  • Study my Bible on a plan/schedule, rather than haphazardly when I don't not feel like doing it.

Exhausted?  I am only slightly right now.  Bottom line: this semester is about ME, and about me looking, feeling, acting, and being healthy in all possible ways.  Let it be known that to date I have lost a total of 7 pounds, with 70 to go.  I don't think I have ever been so positive and optimistic about a diet, and I even hesitate to call it that.  For some reason, I am just psychologically ready to change my life, and I think the key is that I am making MANY changes all at once.  Before, if I were to make one change in my life--say, exercising--it is so easy to slip back into NOT exercising, because every other aspect of my routine was familiar and gravitating to more familiarity of the past.  But with very little the same, it's almost as if I am merely adjusting to a new environment rather than changing my habits.  Transformation is an excellent byproduct.  I no longer see myself as an overweight girl who could be thin, but an unhealthy girl who is taking back her body.  I guess I cannot be thin and healthy unless I decide to be so, and I have to start LIVING thin and healthy before I can actually arrive at thinness and health.  I've already lost the weight in my mind... I'm just letting my body catch up!

So there's some of my wonderful stream-of-consciousness.  And it's already 1:20am.  Holy cow.
Goodnight, and godspeed.

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